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Company Profile


Yingkou Xinshi Refractory Products Co.,Ltd located in Chinese Magnesite Capital  Dashiqiao City, specializes in manufacturing refractory products. As a high tech-  enterprise we possess numbers of new technologies and new products, we provide  customers with safe, reliable and high-performance refractory solutions in order to  meet the different needs of customers.

We have the professional technology center, engineering design center and an  experienced on-site construction team, established long-term strategic partnership  with University of Science and Technology Liaoning along with other universities,  there are more than 10 refractory experts serving customers all the year round  on-site, to provide customers not only with creative products but also a wide range  of services from refractory lining design to maintenance favourable comments are  received for both our products and service.

With strict quality management based on Iso9oo1:2008 quality assurance system,  we have one Magnesia base and one Aluminum base refractory production lines,  forming the annual producing scale of 5ooo tons of unshaped refractories and 10ooo  tons of shaped refractory products, which can meet the different requirements of  customers. The products mainly serve steel melting and foundry enterprises.

Customers are all over 29 provinces and cities in China, as well as more than 30  countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America.